Nanotures has a team of highly qualified professional and unique, cutting edge facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment to offer a perform service with maximum guarantee resulting in the following technical capacities:

  • Material development on nanotechnology, nanocomposites and composites recycling
  • Composites design, calculus and optimization of the laminate configuration
  • Assembly and joint configuration, analysis and solutions
  • Processes development, analysis and Industrialization
  • Design and start-up of specialized equipment.

The expertise of Nanotures in technologies of material development, manufacturing process development and prototyping development are:


  • Polymer matrix modified nanoparticles or nanovesicles (mechanical mixing, sonication and high shear mixing)
  • Thermo set and thermoplastic resin films
  • Buckypaper development
  • Prepeg and veil modified nanoparticles materials
  • Chopped strand mats with recycled short carbon fibers
  • 2D and 3D woven technologies including hybrid fibers


  • Composite tooling manufacturing
  • Thermoplastic 3D printing
  • Manual composite manufacturing


  • Infusion techniques (vacuum infusion, resin infusion under flexible tooling, resin film infusion…)
  • Injection techniques (injection molding, resin transfer molding)
  • Compression techniques (hot plate press, liquid laydown)
  • Compression techniques plus injection (high pressure resin transfer molding, rapid multiinjection compression process, compression resin transfer molding)
  • Thermoconforming and preform manufacturing
  • Gripper development for automatic robotic lamination